Sunflower Vase


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(15"D x 17.5"H)


Fortunata is bringing spring to you! Inspired by the first blooms of spring, our newest collection will bring beauty and drama to your home all year. The star of our  show  is our flower –vase  in black with our signature  hand- sculpted  blue  lily, the stunning star not only for our show but also the highlight of your particular designer  space-foyer, mantel  or  perfect on a glass –top table. Flowers will only enhance its dramatic beauty but like any star it captured and audience of its own.

Other pieces round out the cast –a large black flower bowl, similar to the vase but with an exotic crimson flower at its center. The daisy vase has a black stem with hand-shaped white petals, and the sun- flower vases are show stoppers too .Keep going on. There are camellia vases with their pastel blooms, star quality on their own but calling for flowers of spring-pink tulips, daffodils, narcissus, peonies they can entertain them all!  And remember our daisy ,sunflower ,and  large camellia vases to round out  your cast  of Fortunata  art objects that will  call for repeat  performances  on your part as a hostess with  taste ,wit, charm  and  eye for the  beautiful, all captured by Fortunata’s  Primavera ,hand –sculpted in Florence –you can count on Fortunata for star quality every performance .

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