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Setting Your Space Apart

For almost twenty years, my life’s work has been in creating objects of unique design and beauty. The focus on the home excites me – how people choose to live is a pure form of self-expression. When I view homes of great style, I feel I am getting a deep insight into who their owners really are. To enter someone’s home invites a level of intimacy. To see objects, colors, and art that people have surrounded themselves with fascinates me because these are clues to how they live. FORTUNATA brings hand-crafted decorative art objects that can be selected and placed by the interior designer into the client’s home. Each piece has a story behind it – from the original idea, to the development of the entire collection, to the product made by hand in Florence, Italy. This story is complete when my creations find a place in your clients home or office.

I hope you will consider FORTUNATA when you are creating your client’s space.


Designer Pricing Eligibility 

Designer pricing is available to qualified professionals in the interior design or visual display industry. We require verification that you are in the interior design arena as well as a copy of your state Sales Tax & Use certificate. Please email us at for any questions. 


Designer orders Orders 

 There is no minimum for designer pricing. 


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