Product Care Information


Keep in mind that all Fortunata ceramics are handmade in Italy. Therefore our pieces vary slightly in size, color, glazing, and shape- unique qualities that make our products one of a kind. This intentional originality is what distinguishes Fortunata and makes each piece a desirable work of art.


Fortunata Dinnerware:

The Italian dinnerware collections, including Arte, Buon Appetito, and Casa Mia, are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. When using your product in an oven or microwave use an oven mitt to prevent burning or injury. Do not permit children to handle any products that have been heated. Make sure that you do not heat Fortunata dinnerware without food or liquids. Allow them to cool before removing from your microwave or oven.

Casseroles and baking dishes are heat resistant to 400 degrees. Hot baking dishes should never be placed on cool, damp or unprotected surfaces. Do not take baking dishes from the freezer or refrigerator directly to the oven. Handles are for decorative use and should not be used as support. Do not use casserole lids in the oven. 

For cleaning, we recommend a low energy dishwasher with an air-dry cycle. Ensure that your dishwasher is not overloaded to prevent damage to your Fortunata product. When caring for larger serving pieces, we suggest hand washing. All dinnerware and serving accessories meet FDA standards and approval.


Decorative Accessories

All of Fortunata’s decorative pieces are made for indoor use. Our planters, vases, platters, urns, and bowls should all be protected from the elements. Extreme heat, cold, and weather can cause chipping, cracking, and other damage. If you choose to place your piece outside, it should be in a covered area, protected from the elements.

The decorative collections are not made for serving food. Flower or fruit arrangements and planting are certainly acceptable in these products. We encourage you to use a liner when planting inside an accessory.

Handles are purely decorative on these pieces, so they should not be used for support when moving your product. Lift your decorative pieces from the base.

Patina is added to several Fortunata collections. These items should only be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Wet washing should not be used as it can cause the Patina to fade.

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