Fortunata, inspired by the Italian word for "luck,"

is a company dedicated to offering the finest quality ceramics, handcrafted for over a decade by skilled artisans using a secret and time honored process. Each Fortunata piece captures the tradition and charm of the ancient Tuscan workshops where the ceramics are skillfully hand thrown using a unique mixture of select clays. Every Fortunata piece is a combination of innovative design and traditional skills.

The company has evolved
over the years with its varied collections, renowned artistry and unparalled quality to be the hallmarks of this direct import company. Evidence of handcrafted work includes the slight color and size variations making the pieces truly one-of-a-kind and highly collectable. Perhaps the most important feature of the Fortunata collection is the unique, heavily distressed, antique look created by uneven glazing. 

In the upcoming year, Fortunata will launch new products to complement its current collections, all designed and handmade in Italy and all maintaining the company’s dedication to offering the finest quality ceramics. You can be confident that when you select a Fortunata piece; you possess a work of art that is truly unique and timeless.


Margaret Frazer Proctor is a southern native,world traveler, influential tastemaker and chief ambassador of the Fortunata Inc brand. She’s come along way from Montgomery, Alabama, where her family was known for it’s gracious home and enthusiastic entertaining. She inherited her mother’s talent for classic decor and her father’s entrepreneurial drive and love for foreign travel. It was her passion for travel and appreciation for quality merchandise that led her to a job in fashion, representing an English firm that produced made to order men’s shirts.


After marrying Robert Proctor, the couple made New York City their home. After Robert finished his degree at Columbia Film School, the couple migrated to Washington DC. Along the way, Margaret continued her pursuit in upscale merchandising, gaining priceless wisdom from brands such as Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Years later, as luck would have it, the couple decided to return South. Their home in Atlanta Georgia is full of southern charm and one very large sheep dog.

Fortunata came into fruition when Margaret’s taste for European flair and enthusiastic friendliness led her to a Sicilian source for hand-made ceramics. As the company matured, she became associated with ceramic makers in Florence, Italy, who have produced her designs for the past 19 years. What started as hand-crafted art pieces has now grown into a boutique brand of magnificent and timeless ceramics, including unique coordinated tableware in both traditional and innovative collections. Frequent trips to Italy each year and constant communication with the artisans help maintain her standards for excellence in design, color, style, and the quality of her hand-made products.

AMICI - FAMIGLIA - AFFARI- INSIEME Friends, family, business all together.

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