Michelangelo Sea Life Amphitrite Bowl


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This handsome footed piece is imaginatively supported by the tails of two handcrafted fish. (9.5"Hx16"D)

This collection was inspired by the Italian sculptor, painter, and architect, Michelangelo. The quintessential Renaissance man, Michelangelo embodied an unparalleled artistic influence, which is reflected in the uniqueness of this collection. One of the distinguishing features of these pieces is the colored sea life sculpted into the bowls, vases, and canisters. The namesake for this collection is well suited as the pieces reflect the ingenuity of this well-known artist.

To make these ceramics, clay is thrown and shaped by hand on the potter’s wheel. Sea creatures are then handcrafted and creatively integrated into each piece, before being hand painted with a palette of Mediterranean colors that relect the work of the esteemed artist. For decorative use only. 

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