Silvery Arno Clover Bowl

SKU: A13

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Ceramic curls around each handle and the silver-blue distressed finish give this Arno bowl an antiqued patina that makes it a focal point on table or buffet. The large clover-shaped bowl has the curled handles that are the exclusive feature of this beautifully glazed collection. (20"W x 20"L x 6.5"H)

The silver-blue glaze of our Arno collection was inspired by the river that runs through the heart of Florence, home of the Italian craftsmanship that distinguishes our Fortunata collections. The other artistic feature of the Arno collection is the ceramic curls that belong only on these pieces. Each piece is piece is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel, hand decorated and finished with a glazing process that leaves a distressed patina on the terracotta bases. 

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